Walthamstow Folk Club
9th October 2016

Jimmy Crowley

It has been WAY too long since we last had a visit from Jimmy Crowley!

Jimmy Crowley is a central figure in the Irish folk scene. A tradition bearer, ethnographer and Gaelic language enthusiast and also as a stylish songwriter in his own right.

"Jimmy is a living legend in Irish Folk music. He comes from Cork, in the south of Ireland, a city whose musical richness mirrors the city’s diversity – a great trad music and song heritage as well as a legacy from music-hall vaudeville and high art musical traditions. Crowley draws on all of these traditions in fashioning his own unique performance style..." ~ Mick Moloney

"For me, he embodies all that is good and true about the music in which we are involved." ~ Martin Carthy


Admission £8 (£6 unwaged)