Walthamstow Folk Club
6th October 2019

Pat Lamanna & Steve Suffet present Pete & Woody - An Unlikely Friendship

This year marks the centenary of the birth of folk icon Pete Seeger. Sadly Pete left us in 2014 at the age of 94 but to mark his hundredth birthday we have a special presentation by two people who knew him well.

Steve and Pat are respected New York based folk singers in their own right and they both knew Pete as a friend from the NYC scene. Tonight they will tell the story of the unlikely friendship between the Harvard drop-out from the family of folk song collectors and classical music composers who threw in his lot with the banjo and the Oaklahoma troubadour and political militant. 

The ripples from this friendship continue to influence folk and other music to this day.

Pat Lamanna has been writing and performing songs all her adult life. Her songs have been praised highly by Pete Seeger, Peter Yarrow, and others. They have a strong folk influence, and cover issues such as peace, religion and the environment.


Steve Suffet is a regular visitor to the club and is a Greenwich Village folk singer of the old school.



This evenings performance is our contribution to the 2019 We Shall Overcome Campaign raising food, cash, clothing, bedding, furniture and electrical goods for those struggling at the sharp end of Tory Austerity.


Admission £8 (£6 unwaged)