Walthamstow Folk Club
6th March 2016

Pete Coe and Alice Jones

Pete Coe and Alice Jones present ballads, broadsides and dance tunes from Leeds folk song collector Frank Kidson 1855 -1926: a man whose contribution to the folk collecting movement has been forgotten by many, in the wake of later and more prominent folk song collectors.

“The Search for Five Finger Frank” features new arrangements of both classic and rare folk songs unearthed from the treasure trove that is the Frank Kidson collection. His first and most enduring song collection “Traditional Tunes” was first published in 1891, ten years before Cecil Sharp had even heard his first folk song and yet “He lived to be obscured where once he had been considered the foremost authority”. This show celebrates and commemorates the incredible legacy of a man widely regarded as “a pioneer of the folk song revival”.

Admission £10 (£8 unwaged)