Walthamstow Folk Club
1st December 2019

Radical Yiddish politics in the songs of the 1880s with Vivi Lachs

The Champion of Victorian Jewish socialism published scores of pithy, moving and strident songs and poems about London. Morris Winchevsky lived in the East End amongst the immigrant community and his lyrics fought the battles of sweatshops, child poverty and community disagreement. Vivi Lachs will tell tales and sing songs of Rabbis and tailors, helplessness and hope, Aldgate, Cheapside and Leicester Square. Expect to be entertained while discovering a vibrant and engaging history.

Vivi Lachs is the author of Whitechapel Noise. Her last talk with song on the Cockney-Yiddish music hall filled the room. She sings with the band Klezmer Klub and is currently translating Yiddish stories about London from the thirties and forties – yet another treasure trove! Whitechapel Noise will be available at a 20% discount.

Admission £8 (£6 unwaged)