Walthamstow Folk Club
26th April 2020

Linda Allen & Kristin Allen-Zito

A very rare UK performance from US based songwriter Linda Allen appearing with her daughter Kristin Allen-Zito.

Linda has been a working musician since 1969, writing and singing powerful songs of hope and history, spirituality and death, love and whimsy in a style the writer Studs Terkel once referred to as “true and delightful”.

Kristin Allen-Zito is songwriter well known for being the lead singer of the electro-punk band The Trucks.

“Linda Allen and Kristin Allen-Zito are accomplished musicians from different times.  That element makes hearing them play together worthwhile.

“But they are also mother - daughter which makes the chemistry of their music magical.  Additionally they both play from the heart translating experience in language from their lives and times.

“Put in a Bunsen burner it provides an explosion of creativity that helps define who we are.  In other wordstheir music is a soft and welcoming bridge between generations (from tie dye to black to tie dye).”

- Harvey Schwartz

Admission £8 (£6 unwaged)