Walthamstow Folk Club
19th April 2020

Moirai - Framed: The Alice Wheeldon Story

Alice was a feisty, principled working woman. As free thinkers, Alice & her family supported women’s suffrage & emancipation, rational dress & mixed bathing, social justice & were opposed to war.

In 1916 as terrible news of the disastrous First World War emerged, MI5 became concerned about the growing anti-war movement & opposition to conscription. Undercover agents invented the story that Alice Wheeldon & her family plotted to poison Prime Minister David Lloyd George.

The Wheeldon & Mason families were convicted of conspiracy to murder. They were tried at the Old Bailey in London in a blaze of publicity. They were found guilty & sentenced to prison.

“Framed: The Alice Wheeldon Story” is a new folk music and song show written and performed by Moirai featuring Jo Freya, Sarah Matthews and Mel Biggs.

A 100 year old tale of fake news, family values and activism which is so relevant in today’s turbulent modern world.

Admission £12 (£10 unwaged)